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Baybayin 101

The course deals with the various studies and theories of Philippine history, heritage, language, arts, colonialism, society, and culture all rolled into one course. It also includes Baybayin workshops which is a great way to learn new skills while traveling back in time.

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Baybayin 200

This course gives an insight into why we need to revitalize our ancient writing systems.  It is a continuation and in-depth study of Baybayin through understanding the socio-psychological benefits of learning our great cultural heritage.  Also, this course is coupled with multiple workshops on writing the various ancient Philippine scripts such as the Hanunuo, Buhid, Tagbanwa, etc.


This course covers the various workshops on the Ancient Philippine Writing Systems.

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Cultural Appreciation vs Cultural Appropriation

This course deals with the issue between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.

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Technology Education

Courses here will deal with technology and the various forms of information and advancement on technology. 

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This is an introductory course on the Filipino language.


KULECTERATURA is a portmanteau of the words kultura, kulekta, literatura, and lectura. It is a venue we created for writers and guest lecturers to showcase their own or other's work through a presentation and a panel discussion. We kindly request that you ready your slides or presentation three days prior to our event.

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LIKHA NG LAHI is our venue for showcasing craftsmanships and material cultures of various groups of people.

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